My name Charles, and I’m a freelance writer. On this blog you will be able to follow my journey as I make a living by tapping away at keys from the comfort of my own home.

I have been working as a freelance writer on and off since 2007, mainly as a way to bring in a bit of extra cash while studying for a degree in Marketing, and later while pursuing a PhD in the same subject. However, while considering my career options I realised that I could make more money if I wrote full time than I would as a junior lecturer and researcher – and money, not matter what people tell you, is an important part of happiness. At least, it is for me.

During my years as a freelancing writer I’ve written thousands upon thousands of articles on topics ranging from industrial carpet cleaning (15,000 words across 30 articles; I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone), to whisky reviews (fun!), health supplements, and cancer treatments. In short, if you name it – I’ve probably written about it.

Recently, however, I’ve realised that there is more money to be made from writing academic content. Some of it perfectly ethical (i.e. developing lectures for universities and online teaching websites), some less so (writing essays for students). I’m not necessarily proud of doing the latter, but it pays really well. Within nine (yes, 9) of writing essays, I had made £1350 – and I was just testing the waters!

What you will find on this blog, then, is information about how I’m doing – but I will also write reviews of various freelance writing websites, guides on how to score high-paying clients, and tips and tricks on how to keep your clients happy.

Let the journey begin!


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